Third Doctor Adventures continue

The Third Doctor Adventures Volume Four is out now, with two firsts as the Third Doctor encounters the Meddling Monk and the Cybermen. Tim Treloar reprises the role of the Third Doctor, and Katy Manning plays Jo Grant.

It’s 1973 all over again! The Third Doctor and Jo Grant continue fighting alien menaces on behalf of UNIT in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume Four.

4.1 The Rise of the New Humans by Guy Adams

When a man dies by falling from the top floor of a multi-storey car park, the Doctor and Jo wonder why it should be of interest to UNIT. Then they see the protuberances on the man’s back… As he fell, he tried to grow wings.
The Monk is back. And this time his meddling may have gone too far.

4.2 The Tyrants of Logic by Marc Platt

A huge armoured crate has recently arrived in the almost derelict Port Anvil – a bleak, abandoned mining colony on the remote planet Burnt Salt. No-one knows who it’s for. No-one knows what it contains.
The Cybermen want the contents of the crate. And they will stop at nothing to get hold of it.

Marc Platt, writer of The Tyrants of Logic (as well as the Cyberman origin story Spare Parts) talked about the exciting first encounter of the Cybermen and the gung-ho Third Doctor:

“People have waited a long time for this and it’s obvious that the protagonists are not going to get along, are they? What is great fun is that the Third Doctor is far more of an Action Man than his predecessors – and arguably his successors too. He has a no nonsense manner that counters that slight sneakiness that other Doctors nurture.”

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