Voyager Sign to Season of Mist.


VOYAGER are proud to announce they have signed a record deal with SEASON OF MIST. The Australian progressive metallers will release their upcoming full length via Season of Mist in 2019 and re-release their entire back catalogue with additional bonus material.

Listen to the previously released album ‘V’ here and listen to ‘The Meaning of I’ here.

VOYAGER comments: “We are very excited to be joining forces with Season of Mist! Not only will we be working together to produce and release new music in 2019, but also to reissue our entire back catalogue for the first time. Season of Mist have a long history of strongly supporting unique acts, and working with them to nurture their creativity and help them reach a wider audience. Danny, Ash, Simone, Scott and Alex believe they couldn’t be a better fit for VOYAGER and are stoked for what the future brings for the band and label.”

Following the success of ‘Ghost Mile’ in 2017, Australian Progressive Rock quintet Voyager have continuously proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Much akin to a yoyo, they bounce back and forth from Australian territory to prove the rest of the world why they should take notice of them.

Critical Acclaim

Voyager’s latest album ‘Ghost Mile’ has seen the band receive critical acclaim and praise for their continued efforts to be a unique and enticing prospect within the progressive metal scene. Voyager were nominated for a Progressive Music Award in the ‘Best International Band’ category with the likes of Devin Townsend, Opeth and Dream Theater following their outstanding achievement of hitting their Pledge Music album pre-order campaign in just one week.

UK Tour

Voyager have announced they will return to UK soil in the summer, where they will perform at Ramblin Man Fair, UK Tech Fest and Bloodstock. In addition to these festival performances, the band will headline a London showcase presented by Prog Magazine at The Borderline and a Birmingham show before they fly to Japan to perform at Evoken Fest, and then Atlanta to headline Progpower USA.

You can view the news over at PROG Magazine HERE .

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