The Alt-Right wankers really have their knives out for James Gunn, don’t they?

Everybody reading this knows the story already, I would have thought.  Film director James Gunn has been sacked by Disney from his job as director of the Guardians Of The Galaxy part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the strength of some objectionable tweets he posted something like a decade ago.

The fall-out from this has been massive.

The cast of the films have written an open letter to Disney (you can read it here on Chris Pratt’s Instagram page).

Dave Bautista, who plays Drax The Destroyer first said that he would now only do the third film without Gunn due to his contract.  He then went on, a few days later, to say that if Marvel Studios didn’t, at the very least, use Gunn’s script, he would do his very best to get out of his contract.

The not-so-crypto-fascist movement in the US have been baying for Gunn’s blood ever since these tweets resurfaced.  In order to counter some of the mud that has been thrown, let’s get a few facts in a row, shall we?

1) James Gunn, made some VERY off-colour jokes (when he seemed to be trying to be an American Frankie Boyle) on Twitter around ten years ago.

2) James Gunn has stated multiple times that he regrets making those tweets, and realizes they weren’t funny and were a massive mistake. Those statements of regret and apology were made when he was tackled about this when the FIRST GotG film was in the works, FIVE YEARS AGO.

3) A couple of far-right wankers namely Jason Spencer and Michael Cernovich dragged the tweets back out as “revenge” for Gunn’s criticism of that malignant, crypto-fascist arsehole who is currently destroying your country from the Oval Office. Remember, this is a man who is so bad at business, that he managed to tank a casino! In Atlantic City, gambling’s second home after Vegas!

4) He went to a fancy dress party on the theme of a TV show called “To Catch A Predator” dressed as a Catholic Priest.  A little near the knuckle, yes, but not anything like a sackable offence.

Those are the facts, free of spin or hysterical screaming by the Trumpettes. It doesn’t matter how much bile a minority of loud-mouthed gammons spout, James Gunn deserves to be fired no more than he did when all this business was dealt with 6 years ago when Gunn himself brought them to light to apologize for them.

To quote Stan Lee: “Nuff said!”

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