BBC World Service’s Global Beats: Heavy Metal in Finland

If you’re in the UK and hold a British TV Licence, this one’s for you.  It’s available through the BBC iPlayer.  Although if you can get the BBC World Service, you’ll probably be able to get hold of it, too.

Here’s the blurb:

This month Global Beats dons ear defenders and dives into the world of heavy metal. Heavy Metal music, with its distorted guitar sounds, emphatic rhythms and dense bass and drum is incredibly popular in Nordic countries.

In Finland there are more Heavy Metal musicians per capita than in any other nation on earth, and the country seems to have a real love affair with this genre of music. Finnish presenter Ida Kiljander takes us to Tuska one of her country’s biggest Metal festivals, to meet bands including Finland’s Moonsorrow, Sweden’s Bombus and the headlining French band Gojira.

Ida explores why such a dark genre of music is so popular: is it because of Finland’s long, cold winters? She is also fascinated by how this style of music that appears to be so violent and aggressive seems to encourage a very peaceful and harmonious fan base.

Here’s the link:

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