Morass Of Molasses Postpone 2018 Tour Dates

The members of Morass Of Molasses have announced their solo tour dates for the rest of 2018 are cancelled, citing health problems within the band. The following was posted on their Facebook page: It is with deep regret that we have to be the bearers of bad news. Recent personal issues, combined with general stress, has finally taken its toll on one of the members of Morass Of Molasses and has severely affected their mental well being in the past few weeks. It has come as a shock to everyone, none more so than the person in question. Being in a band, touring and recording is basically a full time job, that we as musicians often pile on top of our other responsibilities in Life. Sometimes it all just gives way without warning, and then a change needs to happen. In the short term this means unfortunately we will have to postpone the majority of our remaining 2018 gigs. As things stand now only the HRH Doom vs Stoner show will remain unaffected. This is especially difficult to come to terms with after how much work went into planning all these shows. Nevertheless, after over 4 years of near constant gigging, including 10 tours, countless one off shows and many weekenders, we will be changing the way we play shows from now on. Weekly rehearsals and songwriting will still be a big focus, but we are shifting to a more 2 or 3 Tours a year mentality. This is by no means the end, in fact the album recording is proceeding really well, and we all remain dedicated to the future of the band. However major changes to our immediate gigging schedule needed to happen in order to preserve the health of the band, and its members. We will be looking to reschedule most of the cancelled shows into a Tour supporting our album release in April 2019. Thanks for your patience and understanding Love, Flares and Beards Bones, Raj, Phil We at The An0m@ly Vault wish the MoM guys all the best.

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