The Forge 2: An Entry for The Olympic Waffling Competition in 2020

The Forge

Prepare for a dangerous journey through the brain of a tired presenter, late at night after being on his own at home all day with no one to talk to.  Except for the cats.  Obviously there’s some cracking tunage, as there always is on The Forge, but… oh I don’t half ramble on!

Honestly, I just talked about whatever came into my head between songs.  That’s what podcasts are supposed to be, aren’t they?  If you just wanted music, you could have listened to Sp**ify (Don’t do that!  They screw over the artists!  Do realize how many plays someone needs to get a single penny?!).

Listen, enjoy and don’t be put off by the stream of consciousness!

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Band Track
Gama Bomb Kurt Russell
A Sound Of Thunder It Was Metal
Cauldron Prisoner Of The Past
Clutch In Walks Barbarella
Norwald Creatures
Jinjer Dreadful Moments
Di’Aul Mother Witch
Herman Frank Sinners
100 Watt Vipers Aces High
The Three Tremors Invaders From The Sky
Divine Ascension Revolution Phase
Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson Helter Skelter
Battalions Devil’s Footsteps
The Conjurer Choke
Rancorum Bedlam Of Saints
Genus Ordinis Dei Hail and Kill
Dimmu Borgir Interdimensional Summit
Evil Scarecrow Gus, Zag and The Turnip King

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