WWRS: The Forge 1.4

The Forge

The best laid plans, eh? Wasn’t that Shakespeare himself who came up with that one?

Anyway. Let’s get back into The Forge. This one was supposed to come out last weekend, but I forgot to take my laptop with me when we went on a family trip to Edinburgh.

Which is an excellent place, by the way. Didn’t get to go in, but there’s a club there by the name of Opium that definitely appears to have the right attitude, going by it’s poster.

Let’s have some Metal…


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Artist Track Title
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult The Chains Of Fame
Overkill Head Of A Pin
Backstabber Whistle Blower
Hell Nite Thrash Of The Living Dead
Altitudes & Attitudes Cold
Herman Frank Terror
Blodskam God In A Straitjacket
Astrophobos The Wolves Between The Stars
Hell Fire Born To Burn
Battle Beast No More Hollywood Endings
Avantasia The Raven Child
Rhapsody Of Fire Rain Of Fury
Beast In Black Die By The Blade
Kane Roberts The Beginning Of The End
John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Whiplash
Rock Goddess Calling To Space
Rosy Vista Crazy
Rifftera Warmonger
Warish Human Being
Godsleep Ex-Nowhere Man
Tara Lynch Unbreakable
The Three Tremors The Three Tremors

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