Paddling in the Stream Of Consciousness

I’m trying to blog every day, to record my mental health levels, sexual urges, porn-related stuff and so on.  So here I am, just before it’s time for bed.

Head-wise, it’s not been too bad.  Not feeling quite so useless and unloved.  Although the frustration at unemployment is really grinding me down.  There was a little bit of a dip during the afternoon, but I recovered it somehow.  Then we watched Into The Spiderverse as a family while we had burgers and chips, followed by apple strudel and custard for tea.


The Mrs (who is no fan of Spidey, unlike myself) actually quite liked the film.  It is beautifully done.  It’s no wonder it got an Oscar for best animated film.  As a Spider-Man flick, it’s only bettered by the first two Sam Raimi films and Homecoming.

I’ve emailed about half a dozen local artists who teach life drawing, as well as Huddersfield University‘s Art department, the Leeds Central Library‘s Drawing Room and The Craft Workshop in Honley about getting naked for them.  During the week I was also in touch with a life drawing class that meets at The Corner in Huddersfield town centre on a Thursday night.  Hopefully I’ll get a booking out of at least one of those.

Hmm… am I possibly giving a little too much detail, in the subconscious hope that someone I know will turn up to one of these groups…?

Possibly.  I will admit there’s a little bit of a frisson of excitement there, thinking I might be getting naked in front of someone I either know or (better yet) used to teach.

You know what I’ve just realized?  I got the wrong day for my trip down to Barnsley for the Top Draw training session, and The Mrs has now booked tickets for us to go and see Avengers: Endgame on Friday afternoon.  I’d got it into my head that I was going there on Thursday.


I’ve emailed and suggested some alternate dates.  I’ll give them a ring tomorrow when I go for a little bit of a walkabout in the afternoon.  I’ll take a few more art studio numbers and see if I can get hold of anyone.

I still really do want to at least give this whole nude modelling thing a go.  Maybe it’s the taboo side of it that attracts me.  Maybe it’s the break with teaching and doing something concrete, rather than just talking about it.

Don’t know.  Think I might sleep naked again tonight.  I enjoy the feeling of the sheets against my skin, and cuddling up to The Mrs.

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