Monday’s Musings on a Tuesday

Over the weekend I managed to get enough halfway decent shots of myself together to become a member of PurplePort, which is a networking website for photographers and models.  I’m currently signed up just as a model, but I’m going to set up as a photographer, too, using the shots I took at various gigs and festivals over the years.

There are some truly awesome photographers and models out there.  A surprisingly large number in and around Huddersfield, Leeds and Manchester and points between.

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is a disappointing lack of imagination in some of the photographers who work exclusively with nude male models.  Admittedly it could be, at least in part, down to the quality of the model, and the shots themselves are OK in terms of technique and so on, but when compared to the photographers who work with both sexes, they look like something you’d have seen in a gender-reversed copy of Mayfair in the early 90’s.  Actually, Mayfair is probably a little to highbrow.  These look more like something out of a gender-swapped Escort or Fiesta.

They come in two main types:

  1. Young-looking, chavvy lad, scrawny with maybe a single tattoo.  He’s looking into the camera, trying to look sensual with a rather impressive dick hanging out.
  2. A buff, early middle-aged type, clean shaven and very little body hair, again, impressive dick hanging out, looking down the lens.

That’s about it, really.  Like I said, gender-swapped low-rent knob mag.

In their defence, it’ll be what sells, so you can’t really blame them for that.

Even so…

Other than that, though, there’s truly beautiful work on the site, posted by the models and photographers.  The best stuff is definitely in the NSFW category, but anyone who says that photography isn’t art doesn’t have a bloody clue.  Art’s supposed to move you, right?  Many of these images do, and not just in the gentleman’s area.  The human form (both female and male – yes, even that bit!) has genuine beauty and if I get to be part of making something like that, I’ll be somewhat happy.


In other news, just finished watching the Sabrina thing on Netflix.  Come together rather well, hasn’t it?  Nice crescendo to finish the second part.  And damn… didn’t Prudence look SERIOUSLY hot in that last scene?

OK, she looks seriously hot in every scene she’s in.  In this particular series, in terms of eye candy, the black girls are WAY hotter than the white ones!


Mental health-wise, the last couple of days have been OK.  Having The Boy at home for the school holidays has certainly helped (although I did, somewhat embarrassingly sleep until about 2pm on Monday).  I’ve also gone back to sleeping naked.  It’s something I do now and again.  According to several things I’ve read, it helps you sleep, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Turns out I do like the feel of the cotton sheets etc against my skin.


Got to remember: bus driving interview on Thursday at 10am at the Yorkshire Tiger depot in Elland.  Apparently we’ll have a bit of a chat and I’ll do some kind of psychometric tests, and get booked in for a medical.

Should be fine.


Countdown to Naked Training in Barnsley (no, not THAT kind of training!) has had an extra week added to it because I’d convinced myself it was a week on Thursday, and stopped the Mrs buying Avengers tickets for that day.  She’s booked them for the Friday, then I looked at my calendar.


Anyway, I gave them a ring and we’ve rearranged.  We’ll me meeting at the Old George coffee shop in Barnsley, before heading up to the university campus for the session.  I’ll double check the time on the day before.  I’ve got it in my head as noon, when it could be 1pm.  At least it’s on the right day this time!

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