Smashing My Inhibitions

I can’t remember whether or not I mentioned this, but I joined the Purpleport website as both a model and a photographer.  I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, so I wondered why I shouldn’t take it up a notch by taking photos of models.

No… not THAT sort of model (although I might take some shots at The Boy’s next Warhammer session)… the sort at the top of this article:

I’ve got some possible shoots lined up and hopefully some of them will come off.  There’s one that is a murder theme and the other(s) are all to do with the location, going Victoriana/Steampunk.  I’ve put a limit of artistic nude on it, but I doubt we’ll go that high.

Any photos I take will appear on the Wyrd Images Instagram (as long as they’re SFW… don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of Instagram’s apparent crusade against sex workers and anyone who doesn’t conform to American puritanism)

In terms of getting myself photographed, that’s been a little more successful.  I’ve got a session this Saturday at the Trafford Centre in Manchester (so that’ll be SFW), another one the following Wednesday at a studio in Oldham that’s probably going to be NSFW and on Friday, it’s off to Barnsley for life modelling training, which will involve me getting totally naked, so it’ll definitely be NSFW!

On the next week, I’ve got a portrait shoot in Sheffield and then a Sin City-themed shoot on the Friday afternoon.

One I’m trying to set up is kind of exciting and has got my curiosity kicking down any inhibitions I may have – it’s a BDSM shoot.  Since I’m insanely curious about most things and especially about things that society says are “bad”, “dirty” or “difficult”, I thought “Why the Hel not?” and have been communicating with a chap who makes and photograph bondage gear.

We’ll see how this one goes.

I’m actually quite excited about this.

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