I’m doing a TV thing (Almost)

So that was a bit of a weird one, and it’ll more than likely be even weirder tomorrow!

Not long ago, on the Register of Artists’ Models website, I put in an application for something that had been posted by someone from a TV production company. They didn’t say what the show was, all they said was that they needed artists’ models for the production rehearsal of a show they were filming.

I sent in the headshot they were after and waited.

About a week or so ago, I got an email back saying that all the positions had been filled, but thanks for applying. Being polite, I emailed back saying that I’d be interested in other opportunities with them.

This evening, at about 6pm, Georgia from the production company rang me to ask if I could get over there by 6:30pm. Obviously I said that Huddersfield to Manchester at that time in less than an hour wasn’t going to happen. She offered a taxi, probably thinking that I was playing a little hard to get, but when I explained that I lived in Huddersfield, about an hour’s drive away, she realized that I wasn’t just trying to get rid of her.

She then asked (since one of the people they’d already picked hadn’t responded to any of their calls etc) if I was available tomorrow.

A couple of hours ago now, I got the sheet through. Call time is 9:30am at Media City in Salford and the show that’s being rehearsed for is Naked Attraction.

So yes, I’ll more than likely be stood stark bollock naked in a coloured cubicle while some lass pretends to talk about my meat and two veg.

With this being a rehearsal, it’s not being filmed, even though the cameras will be there. Presumably that’s so the director can sort out the angles and so on. I kind of hope Anna Richardson is there for it… always had a bit of a thing for her. Sue Perkins is a very lucky woman…

Anna Richardson… mmmmm,,,,

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