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How’s that for a title, eh?  To be honest, though, it does describe the contents of this edition of Depressed Deviations quite well!

To start off, I’ve got to thank Yasmin Rai at Studio Lambert for thinking of me when she had a casting for an extra for something they’re making that needs some people to sit around in a hot tub.  Unfortunately, it was too far away to be worth making the trip.  It would have cost me more money to drive there and back than I would have earned from the job, so I couldn’t do it.

But… getting Naked in Salford was worth it (see what I did there…?).  That was only a couple of weeks ago, and I’m being offered work on the back of it.  I can’t really believe how much I enjoyed the experience of working on that technical rehearsal, even stark-bollock naked.  The studio itself was surprisingly small, but it was fascinating watching the crew working, setting up angles and so on.  And the runners were excellent.  I couldn’t have been happier with the experience.  As I said in the previous blog entry, I’d love to do it again.  Maybe on something else where I don’t have to get naked (although that wasn’t any kind of problem, to be honest).

In somewhat related news, I’ll probably be heading over to Liverpool for a gig with a chap who’s trying to put together an online resource for people who can’t get to life drawing classes, or there are none in their area, or whatever.

The job will apparently involve 3 hours of posing whilst being filmed.  That film will then go on the website this guy runs.  Off the top of my head, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s not live yet, anyway.  That should be an interesting experience.  For one thing, I’ve never been to Liverpool before, and for a second thing, it’ll allow me to put what I learned from Top Draw into practice.

Definitely looking forward to it.  Plus he’ll be paying me, and there’s the possibility of more to follow it.


In the mental health stakes, the last few days have really carried on the pattern of the last few weeks.  I’m OK, but that’s about it.  I’m managing to motivate myself to do some things (I’ve managed to get into writing this, for one thing), but my sleep patterns are seriously fucked up and getting a job isn’t exactly easy now I’ve decided to leave teaching behind.

One thing I have discovered, as an offshoot of the whole modelling thing, is a real enjoyment and love of photography and playing with the images once I’ve taken them.  I worked with another model this week, who calls herself Tattylocks.  You’ll see why when you see the photo from the session that I’m going to post.

This is one I went absolutely to town on.  Increased contrast, deepened shadows, increasing the strength of the black, then leaching out the colour and adding a sepia tint before banging on a vignette filter to finish the effect.

Nice effect, isn’t it?  That was done using free, open source software.

Anyway, the ones I like from the rest of the shoot will be going up in the Wyrd Images gallery once I’ve finished the touch up and so on.

An offshoot of this is that I’m learning how to work my camera properly for the first time.  It’s only a Canon Powershot SX130 IS bridge camera, but figuring out things like f-stop, aperture and ISO levels to get the best photo make things a lot more interesting, making me use my brain in ways I’ve not done in a while.

One thing I did fairly quickly was turn off the digital zoom.  The physical one gives a clearer image.

Another thing I’ve noticed myself starting to do is take notice of shadows and light at a location and asking the model to pose in a certain place so I can get a certain effect.  I’ve also found myself starting to look at photos on places like Instagram and Facebook in a much more critical manner.

Put it this way, when I’m looking at someone’s apparently professional work and thinking I could do better, that doesn’t say much for the so-called pro, does it?  That may sound cocky, but the thing is, I know I’m new to this and I also know that I’m not particularly good yet.  That’ll come with time and practice.


Time to get serious for a bit.

America… a word.

What the fuck is going on over there?  Right wing politicians in places like Alabama banning abortions after 6 weeks gestation (which is around the time most women will realise they’ve missed a period – so it’s really a ban on abortion that threatens Roe vs Wade, as well as a woman’s right to be in control of her own body), and threatening women with prison sentences if they have a miscarriage?!

Some of the purely insane comments from various Republican Party Senators about rape victims and the lack of any kind of knowledge or empathy about one of the most brutal and sadistic crimes that can be committed on someone… and these people call themselves Christians?!  Why do you vote for these lying fuckwits?!  Put it this way.  I used to be a Christian.  I’ve read huge chunks of the Bible over the years, focusing on Jesus’ exploits in and around Galilee.

Remember what he did to the money lenders and merchants in the temple courtyard in Jerusalem?

That’s what the man I read about would have done in the state government centres these tyrants work in.

Incidentally, just to show the level of ignorance of their own scriptures, that they’re supposed to know all about so they can follow the instructions, I was talking to an American Christian on Facebook, through a mutual friend.  This person professed to believe in the Middle Eastern sky god and the demigod he made with that lass from Nazareth, but she’d never heard of The Sermon On The Mount.

You know the whole “Blessed are the…” thing that laid out the foundations of Christianity as a religion?  The one that ALL Christians should know about and follow?  Yes?

She’d never heard of it.


That’s like me, as a self-professed scientist, not knowing what the seven basic life processes are, or not knowing Newton’s Laws of Motion or Boyle’s Law… basic stuff in Biology, Physics and Chemistry that act like foundations for everything else.

Obviously this is what happens when the Puritans start their own country and even though the rest of the population has diversified and grown, the major power and wealth is concentrated in the hands of a cadre of corrupt, pathologically misogynistic racists who firmly believe their god gave them (rich, white men) “dominion” over the whole planet, and women are basically just baby-making machines.  Basically, they make Cesare Borgia look like Mahatma Gandhi, except they’re nowhere near as clever.

Talking of America and Puritanism… Instagram and Tumblr taking down sex worker’s accounts and shadowbanning on Twitter… For one thing, I’m probably right in saying that the majority of sex workers in Europe and America (the ones who are going to be using Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter) are doing it because they chose to.

That includes everyone from camgirls up to full service sex workers, via porn performers.

Thanks to these new puritans and their hatred of women in general, Instagram pages are disappearing, taking personal memories with them.  According to reports, some of the American sex workers who used Instagram were pretty much blackmailed into getting their pages reactivated.  As for the other platforms, Tumblr doesn’t allow female nipple to be shown.  Fine for male nipples, though.  Which are, structurally, the same thing.

The worst thing is the hypocrisy being shown by these American operations.  Netflix premiered a comedy series about a dominatrix called Bonding.  Various social networks set up exactly the same sort of site for this TV show that had got real dominatrixes banned from the platform.

Plus, with Instagram, what’s the betting next time any of the Kardashians gets naked in front of a camera, their photos won’t be taken down and get them banned?  Yet when Rebecca Crow does it, she gets her Instagram feed deleted (although it is still up at the moment.)  So instead of just taking it lying down, she’s set up this petition and… well… go and read what she says for herself.  Actually, go to her YouTube channel and listen for yourself.  Alana Evans, the American porn performer, is doing something similar over there for the same reasons.

Go and follow them both on Twitter and Instagram.  Retweet what they say.  This is all about choice and how the choices, of especially women, to do what they want to do are being limited by narrow-minded, puritanical forces and their corporate lackeys, who want to paint them as victims that need to be “rescued”, or criminals.

They’re coming for the sex workers now.  Are you next?  Going by my own beliefs, pastimes and musical choices, I’m probably on the list.  Especially now I get naked for money.

I’m off to bed.


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