WWRS: The Forge 2.3 – Where’s my f**king jetpack?!

The Forge

This edition of The Forge was supposed to come out last week. The problem is, the release schedules hadn’t really kicked in enough that I could do a full show. OK, I could have filled up the rest of the airtime with old stuff, but that’s not what The Forge is all about. The Forge is all about new stuff, so I delayed the release until it was all new stuff bar a couple of songs that I love.

Since there’s been a few more days of releases, the show is ready to roll out.

So here it is. The first edition of The Forge of 2020.

Now since we’re now really officially in The Future, where’s my f**king jetpack?!

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Massive Wagons – Nails
Amaranthe – 82nd All The Way
Beast In Black – Cry Out For A Hero
Almanac – Predator
Brothers Of Metal – Ride Of The Valkyries
Polaris – Hypermania
Horned Almighty – Antagonism Eternal
Blood Eagle – Wall Of Hate
Behemoth – Sabbath Mater
My Dying Bride – Your Broken Shore
Verikalpa – Tuopitanssi
Anvil – Nabbed In Nebraska
Darktribe – A Silent Curse
Molly Karloff – She Said
Syryn – Dead Men Tell No Tales
Gotthard – Missteria
Burning Witches – Sea Of Lies
Serious Black – Let It Go
Pyogenesis – Survival Of The Fittest
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Prime Mover
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Korpiklaani – Beer Kill Kill (feat, Steve Zetro Souza)

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