WWRS: The Forge 2.5 – The One With The Furry Co-Presenter

The Forge

It’s nearly the end of February and here’s your latest almost regular dose of new quality Metal.  In this show, myself and my furry co-presenter (who only sticks around for the first link – typical cat) introduce you to a load of stuff you’ve never heard before.  In fact, if this edition of WWRS: The Forge DOESN’T introduce you to something you’ve never heard before, you can have your money back.

And since I’m a Yorkshireman, that should help you understand how serious that I am about my commitment to new stuff.

Plus we also celebrate 50 years of Heavy Metal with a bit of classic Sabbath.  Because Heavy Metal officially started on Friday 13th February 1970 with the release of Black Sabbath’s debut, which means Pete Townsend’s assertion that Heavy Metal was invented by The Who when they released Live At Leeds 16th May 1970 is a bit wide of the mark (it was recorded the day AFTER the Sabbath album was released, so it’s possible THE WHO COPIED SABBATH).

The cat has now met the pigeons….

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Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Biff Byford – Welcome To The Show
Anvil – Legal At Last
Absolva – Legion
Burning Witches – Sea Of Lies
Testament – Night Of The Witch
Sylosis – Shield
Machine Head – Circle The Drain
Sepultura – Capital Enslavement
Krvsade – Judgement Day
Maudiir – Le Temps Peste
Torchia – Moonrise
Scarab – Blood Moon Shadows
ITUS – Primordial
iMonolith – Dig
Candlemass – Porcelain Skull
Midnight – Fucking Speed and Darkness
Almanac – Bought And Sold
Sabaton – Angels Calling (feat. Apocalyptica)
Nightwish – Noise
The Night Flight Orchestra – Servants Of The Air
Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight

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