WWRS: The Forge 2.9 – Quarantined… and loving it!

The Forge

Oops! Have to admit I’ve surprised myself (but not necessarily in a pleasant way) in that this edition of The Forge has taken considerably longer to produce than I was expecting. I’m going to blame the onset of a global pandemic of the coronavirus named COVID-19 for this one.

Anyway, it’s (as usual, if you don’t mind me saying) a cracker of a show for you this time out. There’s new songs from Firewind, Testament, Jinjer and many others. It just illustrates how global Metal truly is. There are also contributions from Italy, the UK, Germany, Romania and quite a few other countries.

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But let’s stop beating around the bush.

Mosh buffers to maximum.

Thrash drives to full!

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Testament – Curse Of Osiris
Shards Of Humanity – Martyr’s Gaze
Black Pestilence – Spurn All Gods
Superhorror – Sultans Of Sin
Powerwolf – Werewolves Of Armenia
Alestorm – Treasure Chest Party Quest
Cyrha – Dreams Gone Wrong
Horror Dance Squad – Party All Life Until Our Souls Go Home
Skarlett Riot – Human
Plague Years – Play The Victim
Cemetary Filth – Paralytic Scourge
Reptilium – Refusing The Hidden Truth
Two Face Sinner – Triumphant Satan
Unmerciful – Predator To Prey
Nicumo – Witch Hunt
Imonolith – The Mourning
Torchia – Lord Of Dreams (Cult March)
Firewind – Rising
Omniarch – Humanaut
Trick Or Treat – LEO Lightning Plasma
Dictator Ship – From The Womb To The Tomb
Jinjer – Pit Of Consciousness
The Black Dahlia Murder – Removal Of The Oaken Stake
Kreator – 666 – World Divided

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