WWRS: The Forge 2.12

I know what you’re thinking.

Has it been six weeks or only five?

In all this excitement I’ve lost count myself. But being as this is WWRS: The Forge, the world’s most powerful podcast and can blow your head clean off… You’ve got to ask yourself one question… “Do I feel lucky?”… Well, do ya?

Well, you should because what I’ve got for you is nearly two hours of quality Hard Rock and Metal from all over the world.

But this is WWRS: The Forge, so that’s only to be expected, really, isn’t it?

As usual, if you like what you hear, you could help me out by heading over to patreon.com/metalscienceteacher and dropping me the price of a coffee or a beer. If you do, you’ll get access to the WWRS: The Forge Discord server and the latest edition of The Forge before anyone else and the ability to request songs (and guarantee them being played), suggest subjects for WHO Knows and new Heavy Metal Science Teacher videos.

Not bad for a couple of quid a month, is it?

If you can’t do that, the other way to support the show and the bands I’m playing on it – tell everyone you know about it.  It’s honestly never been easier to check out WWRS: The Forge, as this post shows you.

OK.  That’s enough faffing about.  We all know why we’re here.

Shall we?

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In/Vertigo – Chains
Everyday Heroes – All Outta Faith
Bad Touch – I Get High
Häxan – Skeletons
Sven Gali – Now
Alestorm – Tortuga (feat. Captain Yarrface)
Sorcerer – Dance With The Devil
Paradise Lost – Ghosts
Guardian Of Lightning – Cosmos Tree
The Autumn Killers – Chains
Two Face Sinner – Army Of Me
Kingsmen – World On Fire
Wolfheart – The Hammer
Naxen – To Welcome The Withering
Torrefy – Plague Of Empires
Sertraline – Isolation
Eisregen – Leblos
Ministry – Alert Level
Chaka – The Battle Hath Begun
Testament – City Of Angels
Lamb Of God – New Colossal Hate
Armored Saint – Isolation (Live)

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