WWRS: The Forge 2.13 – Unlucky For Some!

Unlucky for some?  It certainly was for this particular edition of The Forge.  Just as I was starting to pull the track listing together, the amount of new music that tickled my particular aural taste buds decreased to the point where it was a choice between pausing to stay with “all killer” or carry on with “filler”.

I obviously decided to keep to my personal standard of “all new killer, no filler” for my show.

The unfortunate side effect was that you, my loyal listener, had to wait a few weeks for the next edition of the show.

Hopefully you agree with me that the wait was worth it.

The next one shouldn’t take anywhere near as long.

If you’re enjoying the show, please pass the link on to anyone you know who you think might enjoy it too.  If you’re in a band or know one that needs some extra attention, send me some music and if I like it, I’ll play it on the show.  If you’re able and want to help in a more concrete way, you can head over to patreon.com/metalscienceteacher and for the price of a coffee at Starbucks (other coffee chains are available), you can get yourself a mention on the show and access to the Patrons-only Discord, giving you direct influence on what happens in the show.

Spread The Word.

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Here’s the playlist:
Tokyo Motor Fist – Youngblood
House Of Lords – Chemical Rush
Vandenberg – Shadows Of The Night
Pop Evil – Let The Chaos Reign
Patròn – Who Do You Dance For
Tetrarch – I’m Not Right
Temnein – Rise Of The Sontarans
The Five Hundred – Black Dogs
Fight The Fight – Pacemaker
Shrapnel – Might Of Cygnus
Destruction – Curse The Gods (Live)
Anonymus – Sobrevivir
Nearly Dead Kreatures – Vampires
Black Corona – The Mission
Drops Of Heart – Modern Madness
Paradise Lost – Darker Thoughts
The Mercy Kills – Alone
Osyron – Ignite
Aurium – Son Of The Morning Star
Enslaved – Homebound
Astral Sleep – Integratron
The Jailbirds – Watery Grave
Toby and the Whole Truth – I Won’t Be With You
Sabaton – Attack Of The Dead Men (Live in Moscow)

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