Naked in Salford

So let’s have a run-through of yesterday’s events, shall we?

Set off for MediaCityUK at around 7:45am. It was a good job I did, because the traffic around the M60 was appalling, but I gather it always is. At least it only worked out as a 20 minute delay.

I found the place easily enough, parked up in the frankly extortionate car park (a tenner if you go over the three hour mark!). If I do it again, I’ll look at leaving the car in the Trafford Centre car park and hopping on a tram.

Anyway, I got to the reception of the studio and waited to be called. Between getting there and the runner (a pretty damn hot young lass by the name of Lauren) collecting the life models who would be doing the stand in for the rehearsal, about half a dozen other people arrived. I’d say I was probably one of the youngest there (but thanks to my genes, apparently I don’t look 45, so I might well be wrong).

Anyway, we were taken to the dressing rooms, provided with dressing gowns and slippers and we all got naked, got robed up and then Lauren returned and we were taken down to the studio. After a bit of shot checking, we were asked to get into the booths and lose the robes.

The moment of truth wasn’t even a fraction of a second. With a touch of pride in myself, looking back, I didn’t even hesitate. I just whipped it off and handed to the gorgeous Lauren and there I was. One of six totally naked people in a TV studio.

So I’ve done it. I’ve broken it’s proverbial back. I now want to do more nude work! There’s part of me wandering how far I can push this up. OK, I’ll not be doing hardcore porn. My relationship with The Mrs means more than that, plus I don’t like needles, and the prospect of having to get tested for STIs every two weeks fills me with horror!

But softcore b/g implied? Might be a laugh, actually. Plus male and female bodies, when lit correctly are truly beautiful, and a skilled photographer might even have a chance of making me look good with the right light!

It just seems so strange, looking back, that I’d built it into such a big moment in my head. I was going to be totally naked and that was meant to be a huge thing, and there’d be nowhere to hide my shame at… thing is, there wasn’t even the slightest hint of that. All this stuff about being “modest” and being “ashamed” to be naked… it’s all cultural programming and total, utter shite.

Let’s have it right: clothing was invented to keep early humans warm because they didn’t have any fur, and also to keep any dangly bits from getting in the way when hunting or whatever. Beyond our own social programming (which goes to extremes in various Arab and Asian countries, as well as other places around the world where religious authorities have power and influence… hmm… is it just me, or is there a pattern there? Extreme religious cultures, pretty much always of the Abrahamic variety, oppression of the populace, silencing of anything or anyone that suggests there might be another way… weren’t these supposed to be peaceful religions where everyone was supposed to be nice to each other?), the only thing that creates problems with body image is the immaturity of others.

Actually, that’s the proverbial long and short of it, isn’t it? Somewhere around 3-4,000 years ago, someone somewhere in the Middle East, who had some religious and/or political power didn’t have the maturity and self-control of a proper grownup and decided that people’s bodies were “icky” and need to be hidden.

I wonder if it had been an encounter with the Egyptians? From what I understand, clothing was pretty much optional in Ancient Egypt. Pre-Xtian Rome was certainly like that, and the Celtic cultures… well… would you wander about outside in, for example, northern parts of the British Isles during the winter?

So there we go, then. A lot of body issues can be easily blamed on the Abrahamic religions.

In Other News…

I’ve just been wandering across some of the PurplePort pages of the bondage riggers. Shibari is beautiful, isn’t it? That same part of me that made me go for the nude modelling is nudging me that way… I’ve made contact with a couple of them.

I’ve also just had a look at one of the PP members’ actual website and… wow! Absolutely beautiful stuff to look at. Raw, powerful and highly erotically charged. I’ll definitely be getting in proper contact with them about a shoot. It was absolutely amazing.

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