Naked in Barnsley

How’s that for a blog entry title, eh?

On my continued quest to attempt to sort out my mental health by tackling things one section at a time, I finally managed to get down to Top Draw in Barnsley for life model training. It consisted of something like three hours standing in various positions for increasing lengths of time without moving, whilst totally naked.

The instructor, who is an experienced model showed me some very useful techniques for making interesting body shapes and keeping as motionless as possible.

You see, when you’re stood up and posing as a life model, it’s not like being a photographic model. For one thing, it’s called “life” modelling, so you’re meant to be modelling life. This means keeping any movements and poses as natural as possible, but trying to make sure the group as something interesting to draw or paint. The sort of thing they’re after is negative space, angles and curves, and as the model, your job is to give them that.

Interesting things to point out include watching where your weight is and trying to spread it. Another thing was to avoid having both feet flat on the floor, because that leads to boring poses, plus photography poses aren’t really much good for drawing/painting because what looks good for 10-15 seconds will hurt like fuck after 10 minutes in the same pose!

Something that’s never mentioned in any of the articles you’ll read about how so-and-so did a life modelling class is the pain. It’s strenuous. You are holding muscles in positions they really don’t want to be in for very long, so you’ve got to be aware of what’s happening. Muscles you’re contracting eventually will start to relax. If that happens, you’ll move too far out of the pose and screw up the class’ drawings.

You’re the object. You’re the bowl of fruit, the vase or whatever. That said, you’re in command. If the class or tutor asks if you can do something, you need to try to do it, but warn them you’ll have to break pose regularly. Another thing is timekeeping. You’ll have to do that because since the instructor of the art class isn’t a model, they don’t understand the stresses and strains. That’s not their department. That’s yours, as the model and as a professional.

It was a very useful session. It reinforced some of the things I’d read and debunked some of the others. More than that, I got a chance to practice posing and holding the poses and had the advice from Kyler from the PRFam and the adult entertainer formerly known as Sarah Blake completely backed up.

That means I’ll be taking up yoga at some point in the not too distant future. That’ll also help with the mental health, so also has me following Faye’s advice.

So yes, sex workers and former sex workers are skilled. They have to be. The work they do is hard physically and mentally, and the treatment they receive from politicians, law enforcement and far too much of the general public is sickening. For example, not all sex workers are being exploited or were pushed into it. There are a sizeable number who do it because it’s their choice to, and at least as far as I’m concerned (as if it’s any of my business!) that’s that. But as I bracketted: that’s none of my business.

You know what? Forget the “Scandinavian model”. Forget the “what about the children?!” brigade and set up licensed brothels in the UK. Dead simple. That way, the workers get a fair wage, proper access to healthcare and it dramatically decreases the risks of becoming victims of violence because the staff will be able to call the police for help because they’re not doing anything illegal that could be used against them.

Plus it’s another thing the government can tax, so surely they should be happy about it, right?

Of course, that’s where we run into the “moralists” who are so sure of their own morality, that they truly believe everyone else should be the same. This sort of black-and-white thinking is not for this situation. Or any, really. Life is never black-and-white and only the truly stupid think it is.

And you should never engage with a stupid person because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience, despite all your intelligence-based mental special moves.

So… yeah. Strippers, lapdancers, porn performers, nude/erotic models, prostitutes are all human, so they deserve all the rights and so on that the rest of the planet’s population get. And let’s have it right: if there was no market for sexual services, no-one would need to provide for them. Also, having sexual urges towards CONSENTING ADULTS and acting on them, even if it means paying for them is just between the customer and the service provider. No one else.

Fuck anyone who disagrees. But not literally because they wouldn’t enjoy it, no matter how good it was.


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