September Rain

07/09/2020 Carl Pickles 0

It’s September and it’s raining.  Honestly, that’s the only reason I’ve called this post that.  It looks like it’s a bit windy out there, too.  From where I’m sitting, I can see a sycamore tree out of the window and the upper branches are waving around a bit…

Wanna Grabacuppa?

24/08/2020 admin 0

Anyone who’s read this blog has some vague idea about my history with mental illness.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who has that.  Cat Wright, a fellow member of the #PRFam also has some trouble with the “head squirrels” as some of us call the unwelcome thoughts that intrude on our psyches and make life even more difficult.  Cat, though, has become a mental health blogger and podcaster.  In the spirit of looking after our own, I think it’s only right that you get a chance to have a listen to what she’s got to say…

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I’m a tog now!

10/05/2019 admin 0

I am glad to announce that as well as being a model (I’ve done two shoots now, surely that means I qualify? Not like these Instagram wannabes!), I’m also a photographer, thanks to Kat, who calls herself the Original Goth Mermaid.