It’s all Bonnie Rotten’s fault…

bonnie rotten

There I was, scrolling through Twitter, as you do, and I stumbled across a couple from the famous Porn star, Bonnie Rotten (apparently her porn name comes from one of her impressive selection of tattoos).  She was tweeting about one of Witchcraft‘s albums (I bought that same album from the band after seeing them open for Grand Magus and Orange Goblin at the late, lamented Bradford Rios).  So being a generous Metal fan, I mentioned she might like Orchid.

Just about half an hour ago, I replied to a Tweet she posted about loving the lyrics to Black Sabbath‘s Changes.  Not exactly one of my favourite songs, but there you go… I tweeted back that it was obvious she liked a bit of Doom and Stoner, so I recommended she check out Lord Vapour.

I’ve just finished listening to Semanta, loving every second of it.

Need some more Doom now. Might have to stick on some Witch Mountain… or some Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

Damn you, Bonnie Rotten!

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