Wyrd Ways Rock Show 4th June 2018

Hello friends!

Yes, the next edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show has finally arrived.

Some of you probably thought you’d never be hearing my dulcet tones again. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m back.

Anyway, there’s been a fair amount of music been released during the last few months, so you’ll be getting to hear just some of the things that caught my ear. I can’t guarantee something for everyone, but if you’ve got similar tastes to me, you’ll love it.

As well as all the wonderful new(ish)ness from your more established bands, you’ll also find three bands you’ve almost certainly never heard before in Shock Of The New and this week’s Record Of The Week. If you want to find out what that is… well, if you could scroll down to the playlist, but you’ll only be cheating yourself. You’ll also make me very disappointed in you.

Don’t be that person.

You owe it to yourself.

So without further ado, since you are one of the lovely people who helps make the show happen by supplying new music, helping out with the costs of hosting and so on (which I could really do with more of, to be honest – if you want to advertise on the website, the rates are ridiculously reasonable!), or you’re someone who is helping spread the word, the link to the full throttle, all guns blazing 320kbps version with the bucket seats, racing suspension and roll cage is RIGHT HERE.

Be impure! Be vigilant! Misbehave!

Light The Torch – Calm Before The Storm
New Year’s Day – Disgust Me
Lordi – Your Tongue’s Got The Cat
Covered: Burn The Priest – Kerosene
Ross The Boss – We Are The Night
Kobra And The Lotus – Let Me Love You
Ron Keel – The Last Ride
Spotlight: Lordi – Blood Red Sandman
Shock Of The New: The Death Wheelers – Black Crack
Shock Of The New: Morag Tong – We Answer
Shock Of The New: Edenthorn – The Unknown
Memoriam – As Bridges Burn
Amorphis – The Bee
Spotlight: Lordi – The Riff
Boss Keloid – Peykruve
69 Chambers – Little Bird Of Death
Zeal & Ardor – Gravedigger’s Chant
Gozu – Manimal
Record Of The Week: The Dead Daisies – Resurrected
Record Of The Week: The Dead Daisies – What Goes Around
Record Of The Week: The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down
Spotlight: Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah
Midnattsol – The Aftermath
At The Gates – Souls Of The Evil Departed
Torch Song: Stone Sour – Absolute Zero

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