Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDIV

This is definitely the last edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show for 2023.  I’m certainly not going to have the time to produce another one in the next few hours before midnight and the beginning of 2024. I hope everyone reading this had an excellent Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Zarathosht Diso or whatever you celebrate at the end of December each year.

Anyway, here’s some quality Hard Rock and Metal from the last year or the first few weeks of next for your delectation:

Here’s the running order, with links to each of the bands’ website, Instagram or Bandcamp accounts:
All For Metal – Run
Blood Python – The Gods That Fell To Earth
Asomvel – Every Dog Has It’s Day
Doro – True Metal Maniacs
Sateilija – Ikiyo
Jordsjuk – Siste Skanse
Voltumna – Vanth
Almost Dead – Commandments Of Coercion
Cognizance – Chiselled In Stone
Final Coil – Chemtrails
Metalite – Blazing Skies
Therion – Nummo
Sylvania – El Río de los Lamentos
Borknagar – Summits
Hyperia – Automatic Thrash Machine
Jenner – Prove Them Wrong
The Rods – Rattle The Cage
Dymytry – Everything Is Black
Exilia – Sky Is Falling Down
Shylmagoghnar – Egregore
Hanabie – Be The GAL – Early Summer Version
VENUES – Radiate Me
Scarefield – House Of The Rising Sun

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