Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDV

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDV
Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDV

January was a bit of a git, wasn’t it?

Certainly was for me.

At least we’ve got the music to help get us through.  Some cracking new stuff came out, some of which you’ll get to listen to when you listen to the show.  Plug in your headphones, turn it up, relax, get in the moment and let the soothing sounds of some excellent Heavy Metal take you to your happy place.

Give it a listen here:

Judas Priest – Breaking The Law
Saxon – Fire And Steel
Jenner – No Time For Prayer
Bruce Dickinson – Rain On The Graves
Suicidal Angels – Purified
Methedrine – Cruel And Short
Smoking Snakes – Angels Calling
Lord Of The Lost – Turbo Lover
Gothminister – We Come Alive
Gost – Widow Song
Coven Japan – Land Of The Rising Sun
Infected Rain – Vivarium
Amaranthe – Re-Vision
Exit Eden – Femme Fatales
Cathubodua – Amidst Gods
Alterium – Of War And Flames
Hiraes – We Owe No-One
Bokassa – The Ending Starts Today
Six Burning Knives – New World Disorder (ft Jessie Williams)
Fall Of Serenity – I Don’t Expect I Shall Return
Cabrakaan – Malintzin
Folterkammer – Anno Domina
Rage – Under A Black Crown
Dimmu Borgir – Black Metal
Leaves’ Eyes – Realm Of Dark Waves

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