In Search Of New Stuff?

11/07/2024 Carl 0

Discover the best strategies for unearthing fresh Metal and Hard Rock music in the digital age. From Bandcamp’s tag system to Reddit’s niche subreddits, explore 11 proven methods to find hidden gems in the underground Metal scene. Learn how to leverage platforms like, metal blogs, YouTube channels, and even TikTok to expand your musical horizons. Whether you’re a dedicated Metalhead or a curious newcomer, this guide offers valuable insights into navigating the modern metal landscape and supporting emerging artists. Uncover the thrill of finding new, exciting bands and keeping the spirit of underground Metal alive.

Why is it so hard to buy music these days?

09/07/2024 Carl 0

I explore the transformation of music buying habits over the decades and how they’ve not necessarily changed for the better. From browsing cassettes in Woolworths to the rise of streaming services, I look at how digital technology has reshaped the music industry. Learn about the impact on artists’ compensation and why some music lovers prefer buying tracks directly. Is the convenience of streaming worth the cost to artists and consumer choice?

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDVIII
Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDV