Wyrd Ways Rock Show 3-02

A slightly longer show this week.  I seem to be getting back into this.  At least for now.  The new stuff is the focus of this generation of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, so that’s what this week’s edition is all about – new music.  As a bit of an indulgence, though, I am finishing with a classic slice of 80’s cheese.

Mosh buffers to maximum.  Here we go…

Amongst Liars – Reign
Venues – Reflections
Hammer King – Invisible King
Lunarian – Dream Catcher
Kassogtha – Venom
Krisiun – Swords Into Flesh
Grief Ritual – Immurement
Heterogeneous Andead – Fission
Carrion Vael – The Devil In Me
CLKWRK – Poison
As I May – Traitor
Sinnery – The Burning
Light The Torch – Become The Martyr
Unherz – Löwenherz
Harper – Falling
Spiritbox – Rotoscope
96 Bitter Beings – Vaudeville’s Revenge (Radio edit)
The Hu – Black Thunder
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Prime Mover

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  1. Hello Carl it’s Rick, your old reviewer from Nebraska! Hope you are well. Still on FB? I am in writing mode so let me know…

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