Wyrd Ways Rock Show 3-03

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 3-03

This show is running a few days late because it was my birthday on Friday, and I had other things to sort out during the week running up to it. Basically, “life gets in the way”.

Anyway, welcome back to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show – the podcast/radio show that leaves the mistakes and verbal hiccups in and plays you the most awesome music available.

Turn it up and enjoy.

Here’s the playlist:
Scardust – Concrete Cages
Crystal Gates – Alive For The Journey
Thundermother – Watch Out
Sahg – Fall Into The Fire
Pist*On – Ruin Your Day
Mantar – Grim Reaping
Storm – Beautiful Pain
Blind Guardian – Violent Shadows
Brymir – Herald Of Aegir
King Buffalo – Regenerator
Monster Magnet – Into The Void
Dreadnought – Worlds Break
Ithaca – The Future Says Thank You
Blackrain – Untamed
Syryn – Sink Or Swim
Anzillu – Needles (On My Nerves)
Lamb Of God – Omens

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