Wyrd Ways Rock Show CD (that’s 400 in Roman numerals!)

Hello again and welcome to the four hundredth (yes, you did read that correctly!) edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.

So I’ve done 400 individual podcasts as either Wyrd Ways Rock Show or WWRS: The Forge, so for the milestone I thought I’d return to the original numbering and even the original style – doing it in Roman numerals.

What’s in this edition?  Aside from me ranting on a little bit about the state of Heavy music at the moment (mostly the Death Metal, Metalcore and Deathcore scenes – I am worried about the preponderance of vocalists who are pretty much interchangeable in terms of sound and the conformity of song structures), it’s all about the music.

What’s in the playlist?  Take a look at the below and you’ll find out:

Here’s the playlist:
Alt Blk Era – I’m Normally Like This
Ugly Club – Kill Me
Shout – People Of The Night
Venues – Haunted House
Sicksense – Feed Them To The Wolves
Scar Symmetry – Overworld
Tortured Demon – Global Threat
Crypta – Lord Of Ruins
Ithaca – Fluorescent
BabyMetal – Mirror Mirror
200 Stab Wounds – Fatal Reality
Death Ray Vision – Behead The King
Maudiir – Toxic Cloud
Draconian Reign – Before The Gates
Arch Blade – Nightbreed
Forged In Black – Dusk Breather
Motörhead – Ace Of Spades
Motörhead – Born To Raise Hell
Motörhead – Overkill
Metal Church – All That We Destroy
Evile – Reap What You Sow
Assemble The Chariots – Galactic Order
Maniak – Speed Metal Terrorist
Raven – Surf The Tsunami
Kamelot – New Babylon

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