Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDIII

Incredibly, a second edition in less than a week.  You can tell I’m on holiday, can’t you?

Be warned: there are a few naughty words in this show, and if you’re a gammon, a TERF, a homophobe or have any prejudices against anyone in the LGBTIA+ group… or, to be honest, anyone who is classed as having a “protected characteristic” (to give it in terms of the law here in the UK), you can fuck right off.

In musical terms, if you like your Hard Rock and Metal, I would say there’s definitely something for you in this show.  I also give you a bit of advice about where to look if you’re trying to find new bands to listen to.

Here’s the playlist:
Lamori – Ave Valkyria
Astral Experience – Marioneta de Cristal
Rainover – Aether
Dust Bolt – Disco Nnection
Rabia Pérez – El Martillo de las Brujas
Skeletal Remains – Relentless Appetite
Vitriol – Weaponized Loss
Scene Queen – Pink Push-Up Bra
Delilah Bon – Witch (ft Alk Blk Era)
Sweet Spine – 888
Sophie Lloyd – Judge & Jury (ft Tyler Connolly)
Exit Eden – Separate Ways
Warkings – Ragnar
Catalysis – Kingmaker
Hellripper – Goat Vomit Nightmare
Bluttgott – King Of The Killing Zone (Debauchery Version)
Demons By Design – Thylacine
Rage Of Light – Touch And Destroy
Swansong – Maiden Of Death
Stuka Squadron – One Man Blitzkreig
Shaytan – Speaking In Tongues
Evil Scarecrow – Release The Krakhen
Amon Amarth – Saxons And Vikings

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