Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDII

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDII

I’m back with another edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.  This will more than likely be the last one of 2023, since the music industry will very shortly be closing down for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who’s taking the time to give these shows a listen, and I hope you find something you like amongst the music I’m playing.

Hopefully (thanks at least in part to people like Anika and Kirk) I could be doing a few more of these over the coming months, and you might even start to see me appearing at a few gigs in the West Yorkshire area.

Anyway.  Here’s what’ll be tickling your auditory sensors when you give this time’s show a spin:

Beasto Blanco – Ready To Go
South Of Salem – Vultures
The Gems – Undiscovered Paths
Russell/Guns – Next In Line
Harpy – Inside Out
Maya Karli – Never Get With Them
Infected Rain – Because I Let You
Damnationis – The Fallen Princess
The Infernal Sea – Lord Abhorrent
Praise The Plague – The Tide
Judas Priest – Panic Attack
Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation
Powerwolf – Bark At The Moon
Ozzy Osbourne – Degradation Rules (ft Tony Iommi)
DragonForce – Doomsday Party (ft Elize Ryd)
Sepultura – Capital Enslavement
KK’s Priest – Sons Of The Sentinel
Witherfall – Ceremony Of Fire
Stuka Squadron – Angel Of Mons
Orbit Culture – While We Serve
Frostbite Orckings – Hammers High
The Almighty – Full Force Lovin’ Machine
Shrapnel – In Gravity
Butcher Babies – The Devil Cut Me Off
Girlschool ft Biff Byford, Phil Campbell and Duff McKagan – Born To Raise Hell

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