Wyrd Ways Rock Show 23rd March 2018

There are two classic bands represented in this week’s edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. One is in there because they have a new album out, and it’s Record Of The Week (and yes, I now have a theme tune sorted out for that). The other is because one of the former members of this particular band is about to go out on tour, celebrating his time as a member.

Those two bands are Judas Priest and Deep Purple Mk III and IV, who featured Glenn Hughes. He’s the one doing the tour, by the way.

As for the rest, there’s three bands you’ve probably never heard before (unless you’re constantly furtling around on Bandcamp), another song getting a going over in Covered. Not only that lot, but we’ve also got something brand new from both Ritchie Blackmore and Michael Schenker. Guitar hero-tastic!

The real question is why are you still reading this when you could be giving your ears their just rewards by plugging them in to The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and playing it extremely loud.

Be impure! Be vigilant! Misbehave!

Rainbow – Waiting For A Sign
Bonfire – Crazy For You
Little Caesar – Another Fine Mess
Covered: Butcher Babies – Crazy Horses
Karkaos – Kolossus
Whyzdom – Armageddon
Indya – Tha Final Line (feat. Hedra)
Spotlight: Deep Purple – Burn
Shock Of The New: Wykan – The Gathering
Shock Of The New: Electus – Slip Away
Shock Of The New: Overhung – Sex Machine
Parkway Drive – The Void
The Rocket Dolls – Deadhead
Spotlight: Deep Purple – Lay Down, Stay Down
Hellavista Asocial Club – The Son Of Satan
Serpico – Lightning Thunder Bay
Temples on Mars – So In Love With Your Own Drug
Palace Of The King – I Am The Storm
Record Of The Week: Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Record Of The Week: Judas Priest – Traitor’s Gate
Record Of The Week: Judas Priest – Necromancer
Spotlight: Deep Purple – Gettin’ Tighter
Nale – Hell’s Wrath
Michael Schenker Fest – Everest
Torch Song: Jaldaboath – Bash The Bishop

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