Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDVIII

Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDVIII

It’s OK, folks, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show is back for another blast of quality Rock and Metal, just the way you love it.

It’s May and Festival Season is just getting going. Here in the UK we’ve got Download, Stonedead and Bloodstock, in France there’s Hellfest and in Germany, there’s Wacken Open Air. Unfortunately Metal Days has been cancelled, but there’s loads of others, large and small all over Europe. America’s got a few (Sick New World, Maryland Deathfest, When We Were Young for the Emo crowd)… so it’s all kicking off worldwide.

If you want some new music to listen to if you can’t get to any of those, or you need something to listen to on the way, stick on an edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and turn it up. Loads of new stuff to pique your interest and burn out your Mosh Buffers.

Let’s do it.

Here’s the playlist:
Asomvel – Louder & Louder
Judas Priest – Invincible Shield
Blaze Bayley – Mind Reader
Bruce Dickinson – Mistress Of Mercy
Korpiklaani – Oraakkelit
Tyr – Row
Olamot – Everlasting Chains Of Darkness
High On Fire – Burning Down
Heavy Temple – Extreme Indifference To Life
Drungi – Frost
Shrapnel – Amber Screams
Take Offense – Greetings From Below
Burn Down Eden – Reap The Apocalypse
Daedric – Alchemy (SWARM Remix)
Herbst – Spiegel
Defences – The Curse
Accept – The Reckoning
Angels Of Babylon – Stormzone
Cobra The Impaler – The Message
Flotsam And Jetsam – I Am The Weapon
The Cruel Knives – Itchy Trigger Finger
Kittie – We Are Shadows
Vanitas – Lies
Exit Eden – Poison
Asomvel – Beware The Full Moon

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