Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDVII

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8th March was International Women’s Day.  It would also seem that March is Women’s History Month.  It would have been nice to actually have been informed of that.  Anyway, this edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show celebrates and commemorates the role of women in Metal.

This one doesn’t just look backwards. I’m not looking at the already established. That’s why Doro, Nightwish, Butcher Babies, Leaves Eyes and so on aren’t in the playlist.  OK, I sneaked in some White Zombie, but the rest is current and up-and -coming.  I’ve not even included anything by Alt Blk Era or Wargasm because I play their stuff regularly.

Anyway, there’s some good stuff here, so play it loud.

Just to prove it, here’s the playlist:
Vexed – Anti-Fetish
Gore. – Doomsday
Folterkammer – Algolagnia
Vanitas – Grey Morality
Amaranthe – The Catalyst
Reliqua – Killstar (The Cold World)
Conquer Divide – N E W H E A V E N
Venues – Godspeed, Goodbye
Nightmare – Saviours Of The Damned
Battle Beast – Piece Of Me
Sickxsense – Feed Them To The Wolves
The Gems – Queens
DragonForce – Burning Heart
Freeze The Fall – Daughters Of Witches
Death Dealer Union – Beyond Heaven
Semblant – Destiny In Curse
Blackbriar – Cicada
Lutharo – Chasing Euphoria
Furor Gallico – Among The Ashes
Warbell – Citadels Of The Sixth House
Synlakross – You Only Live Once
Wailing Banshee – The Oracle
Bruce Dickinson – Rain On The Graves
White Zombie – Supercharger Heaven
Cradle Of Filth – She Is A Fire
Ad Infinitum – Eternal Rains
Dark Side Of The Moon – First Light
Melissa Bonny – Swallow The Fire
Infected Rain – Vivarium

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