Wyrd Ways Rock Show 2.04

I know I say this pretty much every time, but there’s a whole load of new stuff in this latest edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. You have my cast iron guarantee you will hear something in this show that you’ve never heard before. You may even discover your new favourite band. There’s certainly enough candidates. Before I started compiling the playlist even I’d never heard seventeen of these songs before.

Not only is there an absolute f*ck-tonne of new stuff, there’s also all your favourite regular features like Covered, Spotlight (where I play some tracks from a band you may have forgotten about – shame on you!) and Russian Roulette (where YOU can pick the songs).

As usual, if you want to get in touch to ask for a song or contribute to Russian Roulette or suggest a band for Covered or Spotlight, you can talk to me via the Contact page, on Twitter or on Facebook. If you become a Patreon Subscriber at patreon.com/metalscienceteacher you also get access to the Discord, you get the show at higher sound quality and earlier than anyone else AS WELL AS several exclusive subscriber-only bonus shows such as The Thrash Hour, The Power Hour and The Trad Metal Meltdown which are all the ideal length for your workout, commute or whatever else you need an concentrated burst of PROPER HEAVY METAL to get you through.

Anyway. Time to set your Mosh buffers to maximum and redline the Thrash drives!


Eternal Idol – Into The Darkness
A Joker Amongst Thieves – Stomp On My Heart
The Suicide Notes – Take A Bullet (For Me)
Death Dealer – Sorceror Supreme
Black Tree Vultures – The Unforseen
Covered: Turisas – Supernaut
Entropy – Weaponized Storm System
Heathen – Empire Of The Blind
Stalker – Of Steel And Fire
Spotlight 1: Hell – Blasphemy And The Master (1982)
Spotlight 2: Hell – Let Battle Commence
Spotlight 3: Hell – Deliver Us From Evil
Bloodfeast Ritual – No More Room In Hell
Killer Be Killed – Deconstructing Self-Destruction
Rusty Eye – This Is Permanent
Mountain Tamer – Warlock
Six Feet Under – Amputator
LIK – Funeral Anthem
Foul Body Autopsy – Consumed By Black Thoughts
Russian Roulette 1: Dio – Dream On
Russian Roulette 2: Halestorm – Bad Romance
Russian Roulette 3: Queen – Big Spender
Eleine – As I Breathe
Memoira – Hunter’s Moon
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons – Son Of A Gun

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