It’s The Easter Holidays!!

I’ve booked a couple of weeks off.  Something I’ve learned over the years is that taking time off needs to mean “time off”.  No work or anything work-related happens when I’ve booked it.  I’ve deliberately left the work laptop in my desk’s top drawer at work (and I hope I’ve accidentally left the memory stick with all my resources on it still plugged into it) and I don’t intend to go anywhere near work for two weeks.

Unless there’s something interesting going on in or near the city centre, that is.  Then I’ll abuse my official parking space for leisure purposes.  Look… the job’s got to have SOME perks, right?

So what am I going to do with my fortnight off?  Aside from a new edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show for April, I’m also intending on playing rather a lot of Destiny 2 (if you’re reading this and you play, look me up – ThunderGod#7354).  Hopefully that means getting the catalysts for the Manticore submachine gun and Quicksilver Storm autorifle this week. I’m also taking The Boy down to Warhammer World for The College of Artisans event next Tuesday, so that should be a good day.

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