Once More… With Feeling!

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Time to get the podcast up and running again after the last false start or two.

Now the old mental health is not so bad (even though I am still… erm… un-busy, so if anyone’s got any jobs going, let me know!), following a refresh and recharge brought on by a week down in Cornwall, I thought it was time to resurrect this whole podcast thing. I do have medical advice that says to do something I enjoy. The problem is that until very recently, it would be fair to say that there wasn’t much I actually enjoyed doing. At all.

If you head over to the blog that accompanies this site, there’s a bit more there. Don’t read it if you are of a sensitive disposition. There’s a lot of naughty words and some dark stuff going on. It’s not a comfortable read.


Believe it or not, this one’s been brewing since March, so with a few tweaks, it’s now ready.

Let’s light ’em up.

By the way… if you want more of this sort of stuff, click THIS LINK and sign up to become a member of Primordial Radio on a three month FREE trial (and that really DOES mean free – they won’t even ask for your credit card details or anything until you become a proper paying member).

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