Infographics Show… Nah.

The X-Men Extinction Team
Hope Summers, Storm, Colossus (with Juggernaut powers), Magneto, Magick, Prince Namor, Cyclops, The White Queen and Danger.

Thanks to having a 9 year old who’s bingewatching documentary stuff on YouTube, I’ve been exposed to The Infographics Show.  To be honest, they’re pretty much OK until they strayed into superheroes vs American Military.  For one thing, the line-ups they chose are not particularly film or comics-related.  They also focused entirely on the powers, forgetting the characters’ aptitudes.

One major thing… they depicted Storm as being white.

X-Men vs American Military?  No contest.  Break out Cyclops’s Extinction Team,  As soon as Magneto or Polaris get involved, it’s game over for the yanks, since the vast majority of their equipment is metallic.  Anything non-metallic can be dealt with by telekinesis from Jean or ice shields.

Scotty isn’t just force blasts.  He’s also a tactician at least on a par with Cap.  They’re all telepathically linked through Jean or Xavier.  At the same time, Sage interfaces with the military computers and shuts them down.  Ororo blankets the battlefield in thunderstorms, hurricane-force winds, giant hailstones… the very worst of extreme weather.  Bobby then makes the temperature plummet in the area, freezing the fuel in the vehicles decreasing the effectiveness of the troops and their weaponry.

If anyone is the key to victory, it’s Jean Grey.  She’s an Omega Level mutant, so she could destroy the military forces on her own.  Finally, Psylocke, Archangel and Wolverine move in with help from Nightcrawler or Magick to assassinate the command structure.


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