Wyrd Ways Rock Show 2.02

What have we got for you in this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show? Simple answer is loads of good quality Metal, starting with new stuff from Finntroll, Carcass and Machine Head. Not only that, but there’s a Covered that you might find somewhat surprising and a Russian Roulette choice that you might not find at all surprising.

Generally, as usual, two hours of quality Hard Rock and Metal.

What more do you need?

Here’s the playlist:
Finntroll – Forsen
Carcass – The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue
Affliction Vector – Voiceless Prediction
The Sunrise – Gasoline
Moriaty – Shake
Covered: The Interruptors – Bad Guy (Billie Eilish cover)
Volcanova – Super Duper Van
South Of Eden – The Talk
Burnt Out Wreck – Paddywhack
Spotlight 1: Blaze Bayley – The Man Who Would Not Die
Spotlight 2: Blaze Bayley – The Brave
Spotlight 3: Blaze Bayley – The Dark Side Of Black
Nightmare – Lights On
Reasons Behind – Binary Stars
Veonity – Graced Or Damned
Ortario – Losing Control
Anthea – Eclipse
Soulwound – Meat Puppets
Machine Head – Bulletproof
Russian Roulette 1: Alien Weaponry – Holding My Breath
Russian Roulette 2: Amorphis – Into The Abyss
Russian Roulette 3: Faith No More – Midlife Crisis
Die Kreatur – Gott Verdammt
Varg – Auf die Gotter
R.I.P. – Dead End

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