Wyrd Ways Rock Show 2.03

After last week’s edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, I thought I’d go a bit Heavier this time out. So for those of you who like a bit more Thrash and Death Metal in your auditory diet, there’s a little more for you to get your teeth into.

That doesn’t mean the fans of Hard Rock and Power Metal are left high and dry, though. There’s definitely a few moments for you in there, too. Personal picks for this week among the new stuff include Thrasherwolf, Defecto and Schwarzer Engel. This week’s Spotlight band are also something of a personal favourite, having seen them absolutely steal the show when supporting Orange Goblin at the original Bradford Rios many moons ago and again at the Damnation Festival in Leeds a few years later.

As usual, if you want to get in touch to ask for a song or contribute to Russian Roulette or suggest a band for Covered or Spotlight, you can talk to me via the Contact page, on Twitter @wyrdwaysrock or on Facebook. If you become a Patreon Subscriber at patreon.com/metalscienceteacher you also get access to the Discord, you get the show at higher sound quality and earlier than anyone else AS WELL AS several exclusive subscriber-only bonus shows such as The Thrash Hour, The Power Hour and The Trad Metal Meltdown which are all the ideal length for your workout, commute or whatever else you need a concentrated burst of PROPER HEAVY METAL to get you through.

So until we meet again, here’s the player:

Be impure!

Be vigilant!




Kataklysm – Underneath The Scars
Royal Bloom – Bittersweet
In Flames – Bullet Ride (re-recorded)
Incantation – Black Fathom’s Fire
Scordatura – The Flesh That Hates
Covered: Vio-Lence – California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys cover)
Bulletbelt – Blade On The Fire
Tulkas – Devastation By Greed
Thrasherwolf – Vortex
Spotlight 1: Grand Magus – Like The Oar Strikes The Water
Spotlight 2: Grand Magus – Summer Solstice
Spotlight 3: Grand Magus – Wolf God
Forged In Black – Forged In Black
Athon – The End
The Vice – A Barren State
Fierce Heart – Built For Speed
Gypsy Pistoleros – Wild, Beautiful, Damned
Defecto – All For You
Netherblade – Eyes Of The World
Russian Roulette 1: Tamaru Yamada – Yes
Russian Roulette 2: Arch Enemy – The Eagle Flies Alone
Russian Roulette 3: Cradle of Filth – Her Ghost In The Fog
Schwarzer Engel – Teufel
Godsnake – Urge To Kill
Unleash The Archers – Faster Than Light

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