How Many?!

So… I’ve been thinking for a week or so that I should maybe return The Wyrd Ways Rock Show to it’s original numbering, even going to the lengths of doing it in Roman numerals like I used to.

I realized quite early on in that train of thought that I’d have to go back to the last original Wyrd Ways Rock Show (which was 371, as it turns out) and work from there.

I went back into the folders on the portable drive I keep WWRS on, and looked at what I’d missed.  372 was partly written back in 2018.  2019 was a blank in the Wyrd Ways Rock Show folder, but was there anything elsewhere?  I had four shows recorded for 2020.  2021 was also a blank (in fact there was no folder for it at all).  2022 was where I started “Season 3”, which is still going into 2023, but a little more sporadic than I would have liked.  Life got in the way, as it does.

Looking in other folders, it turned out I did sixteen shows as WWRS: The Forge.

In total that meant I’d done three hundred and ninety-nine episodes of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show in it’s various forms since 2008.

That means the next one (which I thought I’d just finished the playlist for… but that may change) will be Wyrd Ways Rock Show 400.

Four hundred.

All springing from Sarah telling me to do something about the lack of Rock and Metal on the radio in 2008 and the sad fact that there was no more Tommy Vance or Alan Freeman (they died in 2005 and 2006, respectively and are big inspirations for my musical tastes thanks to Friday and Saturday nights under the covers as an impressionable teenager), instead of moaning about it.

That’s why I’ve got to bring the original numbering back.

Get ready for Wyrd Ways Rock Show CD (that’s 400 in Roman numerals – not the recording medium)

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