Wyrd Ways Rock Show CDIX

Download 2024 was another mudbath that I’m glad I didn’t attend, I can’t got to SOS Festival in a couple of weeks because of transport issues and I appear to have a chest infection.  That’s why I sound so croaky.  Ended up taking a day or so off work, which just shows you how crappy I feel.  I’m not one for going off sick unless I absolutely have to.

Have a couple of hours (or near enough) of quality Rock and Metal.

Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue
Comaniac – Desolation Manifest
Category 7 – In Stitches
Portrait – The Blood Covenant
Scene Queen – Finger
Combichrist – Through The Raven’s Eye
Thermality – Stranger
Hellbutcher – Hordes Of The Horned God
Rivers Of Nihil – Criminals
Shamash – Take Me As I Am
Saint Diablo – Voice On The Phone
Breed 77 – Outside
Lyric Noel – Metamorphosis
Druidess – The Hermit Of Druid’s Temple
Bewitcher – Starfire Maelstrom
Cactus – Evil
200 Stab Wounds – Ride The Flatline
Entheos – Life In Slow Motion
Monastery – Fall Apart
Grand Slam – Spitfire
Crossbone Skully – Money, Sex Or God
The Dead Daisies – Light ‘Em Up
Flotsam & Jetsam – Primal
Dream Evil – Metal Gods
Kerry King – Trophies Of The Tyrant

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